Golem Series: Inner Life of a Golem


Golem Series: Inner Life of a Golem


The Golem has no heart; he has no brain. He knows that he misses what others feel and think, he doesn’t know why.

Text translation: How great are your works, O Lord! You have made them in wisdom… from the morning prayer book.

Printed by artist on Takach press, 20” x 16”. Small edition, up to 25 prints. Numbered and signed by artist.

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The Golem is a monstrous figure from a medieval Jewish folktale.  He was created by a rabbi with kabbalistic incantations and the clay of the Vltava River in Prague, as a super-strong defender of the Jewish people from their enemies.

The Golem has no soul.  He doesn’t understand why his heart and mind are empty.  He reaches for wholeness that never comes.  He is filled with static and noise; he trembles with rage and flutters with yearning.

As we encounter robotics in our contemporary world, and lose our animal connection to nature while we log on to cyber-reality, we are sleep-walking through life, like a Golem.  And yet, there are powerful forces of discontent rumbling in society.  What will be unleashed?

I am interested in the Golem we find inside ourselves.