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“The editorial team was floored by your work—what a poignant and dreamlike intertwining of visceral grief and spiritual flowering. We would be delighted to publish ‘Glass Half Full’ in our October cycle of StoryNews.” …Jess Millman, Managing Editor, StoryNews.

"Your ketubahs are extraordinary -- the contemporary imagery enfolding thousands of years of tradition..."

...North Shore Magazine Arts Writer Abigail Foerstner


  • We often refer to our "Ketubah to be" as the highlight of our planning for the wedding. Because it really got us to talk about our stories, and before we knew it, we were reminded what is important to us. Thank you for being a part of this, and for doing it so beautifully. Andrea Rubenstein, San Luis Obispo, California

  • We received our Ketubah yesterday in the mail. It is absolutely gorgeous. We love it! It is indescribably better in person than online, such vibrant colors, and we adore the way you've woven together all the details we wanted. Thanks so much. Ben Meiches and Bebhinne Hall, Baltimore, Maryland.

  • My parents love the ketubah... As you know it was a huge hit with them, but I only recently went back to NJ and was finally able to see the finished work in person. It was truly stunning; it's impossible to appreciate the vibrancy of the colors on line. Anyway, just want to let you know how much we all love it. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a special gift or work of art... It's really been a pleasure. Lisa Slovin, Phoenix, Arizona

  • The Ketuba looks unbelievable, we are so pleased, once again thank you for all the hard work. Mark Samuel, Beverly Hills, California

  • Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous. I am so pleased. Thank you so much... I love it! Barbara Fogiel, Houston, Texas

  • It is gorgeous! I love staring at it up close, at all the beautiful details and little things you can’t see from a distance. You did exactly what we were looking for, and more! My whole family loved it too. Thank you many times over – it is wonderful. Lynn Yee, Chicago, Illinois

  • I came across our ketubah on the (web)site and I just had to write and tell you again just how amazing it is. It really lights up our lives. We are moving into our new condo in a month and B. and I cannot wait to hang it in the most prominent spot! ... I haven't met one person who hasn't loved ours. We will always be grateful for all of your hard work and friendship! Dan Argentar, Chicago, Illinois

  • David and I took the ketubah to my sister-in-law and brother this past weekend. They absolutely loved it and were so excited... I just wanted you to know. they think your work is beautiful (which it is) and were completely delighted. Thanks again. Donna Kanin, Rockville, Maryland

  • Jan and I are absolutely speechless and for me that's unusual...I'm usually never at a loss for words. Our ketubah is simply amazing and more than we ever expected; thank you for help make our wedding so much more special. Rachael Darge, Neptune, New Jersey


  • We just got the ketubah! You did such a fabulous job we cannot wait to display it at the wedding on an easel for all to see! When our friends and family get married we are 110% telling them they have to use you! We couldn't be more excited! I will make sure a few days after the wedding to email a picture to you of Ben and I with the beautiful art. If you would like feedback for customer reviews we would love love to give one! You have made the whole process so easy and are really a great person to work with! Thanks again next time we write to you we will be Mr. And Mrs. Ben Chayon (Hoboken, New Jersey)

  • (From Ketubah.com): We love and treasure our ketubah... The ketubah is exquisite to behold. Daily I get lost in the complex colors and details of Judith Joseph's Firefly. This beautiful artwork hangs with reverence above our bed. We always talk and hope that our future kids and future grandkids (G-d willing) will be able to understand and appreciate the significance of our ketubah. With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude." Danny & Fara

  • We received the ketubah and it is perfect, we love it! Stephanie Zweig and Kevin Conroy, Morrisonville, New York.


  • The artwork is simply spectacular. I cannot stop looking at it. It is powerful, mesmerizing, and so very personal and meaningful. Thank you so very much. You are an exceptionally talented and creative person and I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet you and have a piece of artwork designed by you. Deborah Bernfield, Deerfield, Illinois (Hannah Senesh Poem)

  • Received the beautiful (invitation) art work today. You are amazing. I can't wait to share it with the committee and all 3,000 or so invitees. Thank you again. Susan Kromelow, Wilmette, Illinois

  • Thank you for completing this in good time--and also for getting it framed and sent. I am pleased by the work you have done...Prof. Bell was thrilled by the award piece that you prepared. Your service in this has been superb. Prof. Thomas Schattauer, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa (North American Academy of Liturgy Award)

  • I just wanted to let you know that Steve truly enjoyed your piece. He was so surprised and thought that it was such a wonderful present! We have it hanging in our family room above the fireplace so that we can enjoy it everyday! He is so happy. We both are! Thank you again for capturing our memories! Nicole Bujewski, Oak Park, Illinois (Alaska Vows)

  • Judith, thank you for creating a masterpiece of color, style an design, that will be admired in our home for a life-time. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it is also a constant source of joy and satisfaction. It continually reinforces our appreciation for our loving family history. Barbara and Lester Wolff, Dallas, Texas (Trellis Family Tree)


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