Memorial for Jewish Victims of the Holocaust, Lostice, Czech Republic, 2005

Egg Tempera, Enamel on Glass, Wood, 10" X 13" (See translation below)

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You must do the same to a donkey, an article of clothing, or anything else that your brother loses and you find. You must not ignore it.

 Deuteronomy, Chapter 22, Verse 3

Tebe musit činit člen určitý týž až k jeden osel , neurč. člen artikl of šatstvo , či něco jiného aby tvůj bratr nestihnout vlak a tebe nález. Tebe musit ne ignorovat ono.

Deuteronomy , Hlava 22, Verš 3

Clip from DNES, Czech National Newspaper, June 18, 2005. Program at Lostice Synagogue with Rabbi Bruce Elder and 15 members of Congregation Hakafa from Glencoe, Illinois, with Respect and Tolerance Foundation of Lostice, Czech Republic, in remains of Lostice Synagogue. Attended by 150 members of the local community and dignitaries from Prague and local towns. Program included art exhibition by local artists and presentation of art piece by Judith Joseph (shown above chanting Torah).

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Members of Czech Jewish community and Lostice villagers at Lostice Synagogue art exhibition and program, July 17, 2005.
Rabbi Bruce Elder (left); Hakafa member Dottie Hammel lighting menorah (center); members of Lostice Vetrnik Children's Choir (right); Mayor of Olomouc (center, rear)
View of town of Lostice and Moravian countryside

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