I have had the privilege of making ketubahs for two generations for several families:

I have been making ketubahs my entire adult life.  I made my first one while I was still a teenager, and have made hundreds by now.  I was part of the revival of the artistic ketubah from the very beginning, in the early 1970's.  I have grown up with the ketubah, and it has grown with me.

My process is collaborative.  Each ketubah becomes a portrait of a couple:  their story, passions, personality.  Talking with them inspires colors, simplicity or complexity, dynamism or serenity.  My ketubah prints reflect the experience of telling many stories; in them, I express the things so many couples love:  nature, colors, warmth, romance.

I feel a link with antiquity each time I sit down to write the same words that have been written for Jewish marriages for two millennia.  At the same time, I am advancing the art form of the ketubah by offering modern texts and new imagery and techniques, and including diverse communities, such as same-sex and interfaith couples.

The Ketubah is unique to the Jewish community, and I feel it enriches the world community as a beautiful celebration of love, family and letters.